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Sightline is a municipal planning, urban design, and land development consultancy firm. Previously KWR Approvals, we continue to evolve and grow anticipating the market and our community’s needs. We streamline and navigate technical complex, political sensitive, and bureaucratic regulatory processes for diverse industries.




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20 Years Growing Cities

Founded in 2004 by Kevin W. Riles, Sightline stands as the trusted partner for all your planning approvals, land development, and real estate needs, bringing you a holistic approach to every business dealing, saving you time and money in the process.

Having worked with a diverse range of clients, from developers and corporations to governments and not-for-profit organizations, Sightline has garnered nearly 50 years of combined experience and successfully completed over 1500 projects. Our interdisciplinary team excels in working with all stakeholders, including municipal planning staff, government departments, builders, engineering and architectural firms, community groups, political leaders, media, and the public.

Meet with us! Together we will create a customized plan and execute your success together.

Committed to Equity

Sightline Planning + Approvals is located in Halifax, also known as Kjipuktuk, situated in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People.

We acknowledge the unique identity of African Nova Scotians, whose histories, legacies, and contributions have greatly enriched the region of Mi’kma’ki, now recognized as Nova Scotia, for more than four centuries.

As planners, designers, and community engagement specialists, we acknowledge the roles our professions have played in perpetuating unjust systems that still affect the Indigenous and African Nova Scotian communities. While we may not have all the answers, we are dedicated to ongoing learning and engagement in the journey of truth and reconciliation. Our commitment encompasses:

  • Working in collaboration with Indigenous and African Nova Scotian clients to support their vision for their community’s growth.
  • Advocating for community projects that are outside the neat lines of municipal processes and navigating the system with those who have been historically excluded.
  • Seeking meaningful community engagement that results in people having a genuine impact in shaping their neighbourhoods.



Sightline supports clients by managing their development projects, from housing to commercial and beyond. We work collaboratively with our clients to navigate the technically challenging, politically sensitive, cumbersome municipal approval processes to overcome the bureaucratic red tape.


Planning Approvals

Sightline navigates municipal planning processes and provides project management services to achieve your development goals.


Land Evaluation Consulting

Sightline assesses land development potential, providing Planning Briefs, Letters of Planning Opinion, feasibility studies, and market analysis for informed decision-making.



Urban Design

Sightline offers impactful visuals like aerial photography, GIS analysis, architectural massing, 3D renderings, and concept plans to enhance property presentations.



Community Engagement

Sightline strives to engage communities beyond municipal requirements, representing clients at public meetings, hearings, and fostering stakeholder involvement for an inclusive planning process.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated team behind Sightline, a group of passionate and highly experienced professionals.

Kevin W. Riles

President & CEO

Isabelle Choumiline

Planning Manager

Jane Rideout

Planning Manager

Chris Walsh

Development Manager

Caleb Nakasaki

Planner II

Anna Garrido

Architectural & Design Co-ordinator

Kate Sullivan

Administration & Operations Manager

Laura Trevelin

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Unlocking Opportunities

Sightline collaboratively manages and navigates your projects and applications to unlock a world of opportunities.

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