Recommended Services

Property Owners/Buyers/Sellers: We work with individuals everyday who want to buy and sell their property to maximize their investment or be sure that their property will yield the best return.

We recommend: A Planning Brief. This low-cost document will tell you the basics about a prospective property including the zoning, enabling policies, and potential future uses. This will give you an idea of what is possible on a property!
Realtors & Lawyers: Help your clients achieve the best deal on their property. We can help verify the planning policies that are enabled on your properties before the sale of a property.

We recommend: A letter of Planning Opinion. This letter will give a deeper understanding of the policies effecting a property, and whether the goals of your client can actually be achieved.

REITs & Portfolios: Have many different properties do you need to manage? Sightline will review your portfolio and look for opportunities for growth, monitor changes to municipal policies that could affect your properties, and ensure that each of your parcel is achieving its maximum value.

We recommend: Hiring Sightline on a retainer. If you have questions about new properties or want consistent insights on your current portfolio, we will be there.

Developers & Builders: Are you looking to get your project approved? Have a great idea for a new building, subdivision, or community? Sightline will manage your municipal applications from start to finish.

We recommend: Reach out to our team for rezonings, development agreements, site-specific plan amendments, or master planned communities! Whatever you need for your project to succeed!

Not-for-Profits: Are you a non-profit organization looking for help to develop an affordable housing project? Want to apply to protect lands for environmental purposes? Sightline is devoted to our community and will take on projects at low-cost to support non-profit organizations.

We recommend: Reach out to our team about your project. We will do whatever we can to support our local community!
First Nations Communities: Sightline has worked with First Nations community leaders to develop properties on reserves and throughout Atlantic Canada. Sightline is committed to reconciliation and will support Indigenous-lead developments however we can.

We recommend: Reach out and connect with us on how we can support your development. We can connect you to our network of resources and contacts to get your projects completed!

Governments: Sightline will offer our 35 years experience to public entities looking to update their planning documents or need insights on the development potential in new properties.

We recommend: Governments seek out Sightline’s expertise on Stakeholder Engagement, Feasibility studies, or Letters of Opinion about new policies.

Small Businesses & Corporations: Are you a small business trying to navigate the complex logistics of an approval, license, or permit? If you are looking to expand your space, make renovations, or find a new location, we can help! Sightline is devoted to supporting the growth of small businesses.

We recommend: A Market Analysis or Letter of Opinion. We will help you find a new location or help address issues with your current location to ensure your business thrives!

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